Philanthrobeats Fundraiser for World Spirit Forum Theatre Group

Come along and tell all your pals!!!!!

APRIL 11th, 2013 @The SUBCLUB (Glasgow)

= PB 5 : First Birthday Party =

SLAM [Soma] Mia Dora [High Sheen / Moda Black] MermaidS LIVE [Mount Heart Attack]

£4 o.t.d.

All Proceeds go to the World Spirit Forum Theatre.
Poster artwork by Mila T-Y.


(Says Philanthrobeats: ” In February we collaborated with Rubix and hosted one of the most memorable parties that Sub Club has ever seen. They have since been slightly perplexed as how to top it, but we’re going to give it a shot as we are so indebted to all who helped and showed up.
Philanthrobeats started almost exactly 1 year ago from now, so we thought it only natural to host this event in celebration of all the hard work you guys have put into making what we do possible. Everyone from PRs, to bakers, to artists to the revellers that fill our dancefloor – this is a party for you!
To commemorate such an event, and to say thank you, we have decided to arrange a very special treat – we’re taking you to the theatre!

Well, kind of…

Our theatre is the Sub Club and there definitely won’t be an interval – fire alarm permitting. To coincide with a joint project we are launching with the World Spirit Forum Theatre, we felt it was only apt to focus production on the intimate, versatile, and unique atmosphere that the theatre is known for. We don’t want to give too much away, but if you have been to any of our events in the past you’ll know that we’ll try our very best to make this something special.

Oh, and it’s our birthday, so expect balloons. Lots of balloons.”)



World Spirit Forum Theatre:

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