About Us

World Spirit Theatre started in Scotland, Glasgow. (September 2011)

World Spirit works with the ‘Forum Theatre’ method, which seeks to directly involve the audience in achieving positive outcomes to the problems that the performers present.

Having undertaken training workshops in forum theatre methodology from various experienced practitioners, the group devises, scripts, jokers and performs it’s own plays, incorporating members experiences, frustrations and hopes into each of our productions.


The Roots

a play devised around the theme of ‘spirit’ and exploring the challenges that newcomers to Scotland face in trying to maintain their own cultural identity whilst engaging in the culture of their new home. The story follows Pinar, an experienced woman seeking to work in Glasgow, and her partner, Serge, who is just trying to live life here: both face many hurdles and hostile attitudes from local community members.


The Roundabout 

a play exploring the process of seeking asylum in the UK and the bureaucracy involved, from the perspective of asylum seekers themselves. The piece demonstrated the tedious and circular nature of being stuck in an asylum process in which access to services is limited, attitudes are cold and often cruel, and individuals have little control over their fate. The play follows a family as they struggle to navigate the bureaucracy, going round and round in circles and creating tensions between them along the way.


The Roundabout 2

a play focusing on the challenges and barriers within the UK healthcare system faced by asylum seekers.– in this case Aziz, a man with a serious but unidentified heart problem -, and how excessive bureaucracy, culturally insensitive and/or over-worked practitioners, poor and insufficient interpreting, and ignorance surrounding the ins and outs of claiming asylum in the UK, can drastically affect (for better or worse) an individual’s success in their asylum claim, and have significant impact on their mental, as well as physical health.


Rami & Janet

a play aimed specifically at secondary school pupils, and based loosely on the story of Romeo & Juliet, it highlights the detrimental impact of conflict and often unfounded animosity within our communities. The play explores what it really means to be an asylum seeker in Scotland and how behaviours and attitudes in the community can entrench segregation or encourage integration.


Where are you really from?

A play exploring identity, culture, labels and stories of migration. Following the experiences of people as they journey from country to another, what label they are given and how they are treated. The play shows why people leave, what they face in a new community and how they are treated in a new country. Created together with Citizens Theatre Glasgow